Top 5 Best Simulation games of 2014-2015

Simulation games are one of the famous genre of Video games.In these games,you can simulate a particular thing or some times even the surroundings.These games have no particular objective or mission.Rather,these games provide free control to the player over the surroundings.

There are now simulation games available for nearly every “real life” scenario you can imagine. Recently, a company released a game where you simulated a goat! If this trend continues, you can expect to find games like Dinosaur Simulator or Laundry Simulator!

But, the large number of simulator games it is a good sign for gamers like me. Many of my friends play First-Person Shooter, Real-Time Strategy, and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and keep trying to convince me to try them out. But I much prefer simulation games.Okay,here i will be discussing my top 5 list of most anticipated simulation games of 2015.Please share this article on social networking sites if you like it.

#1) The SIMS 4:

Latest game which is released for Microsoft windows on September 2, 2014.This SIMS series consists of life simulation games.In this game,you can do whatever you want like in a real life.You can form relationship with others,interact with them and can do many real life activities.You have to create an avatar for your character before free-roam.




#2 ) Train Simulator 2015:

Another Train simulation game released by Railworks.You can control all the rail transport operations from your computer.It is expected to be releasing on September 18th,2014 and is one of the most anticipated Simulation games at present.The previous edition TS14 was not a huge success because it was released as an extension for TS13.This time,the TS lovers are expecting something more from this game.Anyway,the review of this game will be known only after its release.

RailWorks 2013-11-27 13-40-32-14 trainsim2


Have you ever tried Playing Train Simulator with a Virtual Train Cab controller. Have a look at the Railworks Official Train Cab controller at amzon below


#3) Microsoft Flight Simulator 2015:

Yippee.! After a long long time,finally the sequel for Microsoft flight simulator is announced finally.The last ever game in this flight simulator series was FSX (flight simulator 10) which was released on October 17,2006.On July 9,2014,dovetail games announced that Microsoft had issued rights for it to develop the new Flight simulator game.All set for this game to release in 2015.Gamers are expecting Huge graphics in this game as this is one of the most anticipated games of 2015.

#4) Farming Simulator 2015:

The European countries mostly play this game.In this game,players are able to grow crops,breed livestock and can sell the assets he had grown in the market to earn money.With that money,you can buy new Equipment and machinery for your Farm.All the farm and open world in this game are completely based on American and European climate and Environment.Although it had competition from Agricultural Simulator and Professional Farmer series,this game is considered to be the most realistic Farming simulator.

farming simulator mods


#5 ) American Truck Simulator:

SCS software is well known for it’s Simulation games.Euro truck simulator is the most famous of SCS software.It is considered as the successor for Euro truck simulator 2.It took nearly 3 months for me to complete the Euro truck simulator 2.SCS had announced that they will be considering more than 100 cities of America to include in this game.Also,latest trucks also are one of the asset for this game.Anyway,i’m eagerly waiting for the release date of this game.

american truck simulator leaked gameplay american truck simulator leaked gameplay