Tennis is one of the most famous sport in the world.Many of you might know tennis quite well as you may watch the Wimbledon and other open series.Moreover,in the list of world’s richest athletes,tennis players like Roger Federer,Novac Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are in the top of this list.Well,after watching tennis on tv,even you might have got interest in playing Tennis.But,you may not find the court for it.No worries.You can play Tennis games on PC now as there are many tennis games released for Coputer,play station and XBOX.So,here i will be discussing about the top best tennis games for PC in the years 2014 and 2015.Have a look at them.If you like this list,please share this article in the social networking sites and help us to grow.

Top 5 Best Tennis games for PC::

Well, this list starts from the 5th best tennis game and counts down to the 1st best Tennis game for PC.Also note that any download links will not be provided in this list.You have to check for the download links manually.

5) Virtua Tennis 2:

It is the second game released in the series of Virtua tennis.These Virtua Games series took it’s origin in 2009 by the release of the very first tennis game for pc in this series “Virtua tennis”.It was released in 1999 by the Sega studios. You can experience the essence of Tennis by playing this game.It was later released for Microsoft windows or the PC in 2002 and got some good reviews.In this game,the player has to compete in the levels of tennis tournament in the arcade mode to win the grand slams and awards.All in all,this is old but a good Tennis game for PC.

best tennis game for pc


4) Sega Superstar Tennis

Well,this game is more likely to be in this list of games like Jewelry,Candy Crush saga rather than in this list of best tennis games for PC.But still,as there are no very good tennis games for PC,this has got a spot in this list of best tennis games for PC.In this game,you have to blast the colored cubes by hitting them with your tennis ball.You have to control the ball and change it’s direction so that it hits more number of cubes and hence level can be completed.All in all,this a bit childish but a good tennis game for PC.Also,you can play the multiplayer official tennis games in this game by playing with your friends in the home.You can find the multiplayer gameplay of this game below.




3) Pete Sampra Tennis

Pete Sampras is one of the world’s most famous tennis players of all time.This game was given his name as a due respect for him.This is also one of the earliest tennis games that is released for computers and Gaming consoles.This game was released by Codemasters,who are now one of the leading game developing companies of the world.Well,the graphics seem a bit clumsy for the present day gamers but during the time of it’s release,it has some great graphics of that time.All in all,a playable time pass game.



2) Top Spin

Top spin is one of the well known tennis games in the past history.This game was released in 2003 by PAM development.Later,it was published by Microsoft for XBOX and some other gaming consoles.It was also later published to PC and playstation 2 platforms.This is the very first game released in the series of Top spin.Later,many sequels like Top spin 2,Top spin 3 & Top spin 4 are released and thus this series got some reputation.In this game there are game modes like single player,Quick match,multiplayer.In each of the modes,player has to beat his opponent to win the games.The multiplayer mode for this game is one of the asset.

top spin game in 2015

1) Virtua Tennis 4 ::

After listing the 4 best tennis games,we are finally here are the “BEST TENNIS GAME FOR PC”.It is none other than Virtua Tennis 4.This is the third sequel to the Virtua tennis games of Sega series.This game was released for PC,XBOX,Playstation and Nintendo Wii in the seond quarter of 2011.This game has get several positive reviews from the critics and hence by default became the best tennis game available for PC.That’s all for this list.Please bookmark us if you like this list.