TPS generally stands for Third person shooter.This is a shooting game in which player can see his own avatar while playing.Where as in First person shooter games i.e FPS games,the player can only see his hands,gun etc.Anyway,in the gameplay,there is no much difference in between FPS and TPS games.In both the games,the player has to handle a gun with which he has to kill the enemies(sometimes soldiers,sometimes Military men,sometimes even Zombies).Anyway,these games are fun to play.You can improve your shooting skills playing these Third person shooter games.

Okay,here i will be showing my opinion on best Third person shooter games for PC.This list includes all the famous Third person shooter games for PC which are released in 2014,2013 or older.I hope you all like this list.If you like it,please share it on Social networking sites like Facebook,twitter etc.

Top 5 Best TPS games for PC 2014-2015:

#5 Star Wars BattleFront

This game was made based on the battles of  “Star wars” movie.It was developed by Pandemic Studios and Lucas Arts and was released on September 21,2004 for PS2,XBOX and Microsoft windows.Later,this game was also released for mobile as Star wars ”Battlefront Mobile”.This game is the fight between the four important groups namely Galactic Republic,Rebel Alliance,Confederacy of Independent Systems and Galactic Empire.These 4 groups will be given same weapons and reinforcements with which they have to conquer all the spawn points to win the game.

star wars battlefront gamepaly



4)  Max Payne Series:

Max Payne Game series is one of the successful game series for Rockstar games.The first ever game in this series was “Max Payne”  which was released in June,2001 fpr PlayStation consoles,XBOX and Microsoft windows.Later,they have also released this game for Android and Mac operating systems.Later in 2003,they have released Max Payne 2: The fall of Max Payne as a sequel for the Max Payne.Later,Max Payne movie was also released by taking this game as inspiration.The latest release in this series was Max Payne 3 which was released on May 15,2012

max payne games series


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3) Dead Space Series:

It is a third person survival horror game series released by Viscreal games(EA Redwood games then).The first ever game released in this series was Dead Space which was released in October 2008.This game was given very good rating by the critics.Visceral games sold nearly 2 Million copies of Dead space.The sequels Dead space 2 and dead space 3 were released on January 25,2011 and February 5 ,2013 respectively.All in all,this is one of the best TPS games for PC.


2) Mass Effect (Series):

This game series was developed by Bioware,who released the first ever game in this series “Mass effect” for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation,XBOX and Nintendo Wii.The latest game released in this series was Mass Effect 3 which was released on March 6,2012.Each of the game will be continuing the storyline of the previous game released in this series.There are also spin-off games released in this series like Mass Effect: Galaxy,Mass Effect: Infiltrator and Mass Effect : Datapad.All in all,this is a very good and must buy TPS game for PC.

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1) Freedom Fighters:

Freedom Fighters is a 2003 released TPS game.It was developed by IO Interactive and was published by Electronic arts.This game was released worldwide on October 1,2003 and it has got record number of sales that time.The plot of the story is simple.In this game,the soviet union conquers the New york city.The palyer has to take the role of Christopher,a plumber who later turns into a leader for the American revolutionary movement.Later,sequels to this game are also released and got success.All in all,this is one of the best TPS game  series for PC.