Top 5 Horror Games for iOS-iPhones and iPad 2014-2015

Horror games are always a on the top in the list of best genre of games.The eerie background sounds,creepy Gameplay will get you Goosebumps while playing these games.However,when you play these games on your iPhone or iPad,you may not feel scary.But,if you play in a dark room with headphones,that’s a whole lot different story.Anyway,as the title of this post suggests,today i will be showing my top 5 best horror games or creepy Games for iOS.If you think that this post leaves something off,please let us know by your comment.Now,let’s get into the list of best creepy games for iOS.

5) Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies: $6.99

Well,as you all know,Call of Duty is one of the most popular Game series for PC and Gaming consoles.However,they have recently started their works for Android and iOS.Out of those work,they have released this game COD:Black ops Zombies for iOS.This is more awesome because it is portable.Whenever you are travelling in bus,trains or when you are in your cousins home where there are no consoles,this would be the best option.Out of 100k ratings from the iTunes store,this game is given a rating of 4.5/5.

cod black ops zombies Logo cod black ops zombies gameplay iOS

4) Dead Runner: $0.99

Dead runner is a run genre creepy game.You will be spawned in a dark forest surrounded by creepy sounds trapped in the trees of the dark forest.The howling wind sends you a chilling message that an evil is following you and it is on it’s way to catch you.You have to start running in order to escape from the evil as there is no time.You cannot even stop or hide as the evil can smell you.This game has 4/5 rating from iTunes store and is listed as #1 in mashable’s top 10 most beautiful mobile games.

dead runner horror games for iOS

best horror games for iOS

3) LIMBO ($4.99)

Limbo is a puzzle type creepy game developed by PlayDead.This game is released for Android,XBOX and PlayStation along with iOS.Well,this game went viral in the internet after it’s release.The entire game revolves around a nameless boy who will be spawned in a forest “edge of the hell”.The boy starts his journey in search of his missing his sister.On his way,he encounters few human beings who either will attack him or run away.There are also corpses seen very often in this game.However,in his journey,he finds a girl and when he tries to meet her,the girl vanishes away.However,the game abruptly ends when the boy meets the girl after reaching the city.

limbo gameplay XBOX limbo gameplay


4) Dead Space: $6.99

Dead Space is a 2008 released survival horror game released for iOS in 2011 by Electronic Arts.The graphics of this game are extremely impressive.All the shadows,creatures and textures in this game are extremely impressive.There are two modes of Gameplay.Out of the two,survival mode is the best according to me.You have to shoot the evil enemies in your gameplay by choosing endless or 5 minutes rounds.All in all,this game also has 4.5/5 rating from the iTunes store.


5) Year Walk:

Year walk is another awesome horror game for iOS.This game is a first person adventure type game which blurs between 2 dimensional,3 dimensional & Reality,Supernatural.This game is developed by Simogo.Year Walk’s story begins with an unnamed protagonist who is said to be loving Stina.This story also hints that she has been proposed to, and warns the player about the dangers of year walking, saying that her cousin had died while engaging in the activity. The player then returns home, and awakens at night to begin his walk. Then,hw wakes up during the midnight and takes a decision to begin his walk.In his walk,he encounters Supernatural activities.This game has very good ratings from the critics and is the must have horror


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