Top 5 Real-Time Strategy Games for PC All Time

  • EAsier Irure

    Civ and XCOM2 are no RTS games. Please fire somebody for this. You just got my unsub.

    • Shivarchi Rawat

      Sorry Sir, but this wasn’t meant to offend anyone. Civ V and XCOM2 comes in the category of strategy games but are turn-based strategy game and we have specified that in the article. 🙂

      • EAsier Irure

        I hope the sarcasm of my words came through 😉 The games you included are all fantastic and SCII posesses undoubtly the crown of the genere. An Age of Empire or Command & Conquer title would be also top10 if not top5.

        Be careful with the Total War Series, as they are both RTS and turn based hybrids.


  • Simon Hay

    no total war ?