Way of the Assassin – Dragon Age Inquisition Quest Guide

We have already published 3 quest guides for Dragon Age Inquisition. We are ready with the 4th one. As you all know, once you obtain Skyhold, you’ll be able to choose a specialization after a few quests. As a Rogue you can choose to become an Artificer, Tempest, or as shown in this video, an Assassin.

These specialization quests don’t really tell you what to do exactly. This video will show you how to complete the “Way of the Assassin” quest to become an Assassin.

– Aqcuire writing on Assassin methods: This is found next to where Cole is in the tavern, upper level. (If you didn’t recruit Cole, go to Val Royeaux. There’s a merchant there that sells books, including this one.)

– Guild Leader Tokens: In Crestwood are 3 locations where you can find double dagger wielding enemies that drops an Assassin Weapon once killed. Save before defeating these enemies, as they may not drop the item.

If the enemies aren’t there or they won’t drop the item, go to the method shown at 1:54 in The Western Approach. There are 2-3 enemies here. Save your game and kill the double dagger wielding enemies. If they don’t drop the Assassin Weapon, reload your save and try again. If the “Frederic’s Livelihood” quest is active, make sure to obtain the 5 research supplies first, else they won’t drop the Assassin Weapon.

– Deathroot: There are plenty locations in the Western Approach where you can find Deathroot. The location shown in the video has many next to each other. You can also go to the Crestwood Village and purchase Deathroot from the merchant.

– Knife Materials: Once you’ve obtained all the items go to a Requisition table and craft the Knife.

You can watch the video embedded below for more information.

Video Tutorial: