Why is Pewdiepie Going to delete his Channel after hitting 50 Million Subs ?

Pewdiepie, as you all know, is the most subscribed YouTuber in the world, ever. It’s glad for gamers that he’s a gamer as well. He does montages, gameplay videos and his funny Happy wheels series is the most favorite video playlist of his channel. However, few days ago, pewdiepie tweeted that he’s going to delete his YouTube channel once after he hits 50 Million subscribers.


He tweeted on November 29th 2016, saying

The reason for this decision is the latest YouTube algorithm update. It cut down the organic views of top YouTube channels and due to the change in this algorithm, the organic views for Pewdiepie’s videos have almost cut down to half. This is what made Pewdiepie make a decision on “Deleting  the channel”

However, this is not the end of his YouTube career. He made another tweet saying

He’s not so happy about the latest algorithm of YouTube and he already filed a notice and the YouTube is looking into it. He needs 300k more subscribers to hit the never reached 50 Million subscribers mark on YouTube. However, the channel will not be there on YouTube anymore.