World of Warcraft-Warlords of Draenor Bugs Fixes PC-Lag,Blank Screen,Stuttering

As you all know,Warlords of Draenor is the latest expansion for World of Warcraft.This expansion is released on November 13,3014 at 12:00 am.From then,i have seen people posting their problems while installing this expansions in various forums.They have got Black screen errors and several launching errors while installing this new expansion.So,i have decided to write a post regarding the bug fixes for World of Warcraft:Warlords of Draenor here.I hope you all find solution for your problem from this post.If at all you have any problem or error that is not listed here,you can comment your error in the comments below.We will be back to you by commenting the solution for your problem.You can also contact us on Facebook for more help.


Blank screen while playing World of Warcraft Fix:

Generally,the reason for this is your outdated Display drivers.This error can be fixed by updating your Display drivers.If that did not solve the error,reboot your PC.After rebooting your PC,

  • Right click on the Exe file
  • And select Properties.
  • In the shortcut field,you can find a TARGET field.At the end of the text,type¬†” -opengl” (Without quotation marks)(There is space before -opengl,don’t neglect it).
  • For example, if “”C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Launcher.exe”” was in the ‘Target’ field, it would look like this after adding the ” -opengl” at the end.

If you have further more errors,comment below

Warlords not yet Unlocked:

World of Warcraft Warlords is yet to be released in some countries.For those countries,this expansion will be released on November 18,2014.If there is delay in the release date,they will announce the release date officially.

Reduce Lag while playing World of Warcraft:

There is no fix for this issue.It is all because of your PC’s video card and processor.If you have Video card and processor which does not meet the system requirements of World of Warcraft,then either you cannot run the game or you will suffer with such lag.However,there is an absolutely fantastic tool which can remove the latency while playing online with friends.It can fix latency issues of your PC easily with one click.To try it for free,click here

18764 error while installing the package of Warlords of Draneor:

To solve this issue,you need to re-install the package.To do this,

  • In the game,go to Settings > General > Language > English (US)
  • From there,you can either un-install or re-install the game.

Wow.dll is missing Error Fix for World of Warcraft:

You need to use this Dll tool to solve your DLL errors.It will solve all kinds of Dll errors by scanning your PC and then after by updating your Dll files.

Stuttering/Crash/Freeze errors for World of Warcraft:

For fixing these issues,updating drivers is the only solution.If you want to solve stuttering audio issues,try to update sound card drivers.For crash and freeze issues,try to update your video card drivers.

If you have any more issues,please comment them below so that we can reach you easily.Thanks for reading.Happy Gaming.

  • disqus_vlvn8LngAU

    During the download of the new expansion, after about 30 secs, I constantly got the error message that ‘we seem to be having trouble transferring data’. I persevered by restarting the battlenet download screen and pushed through until the new expansion was downloaded. Now the game is very glitchy. Sometimes there are sound issues – sometimes the game just freezes and crashes. I have access to a stronger internet connection at work that I think will download the game smoothly.

    Is it worth uninstalling and downloading WOW again? I have updated my sound and graphic card drivers.